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JEEP TOUR (Baku - Kuba - Shabran - Baku) - from 133 USD

Jeep tour is a fascinating journey and a unique opportunity for those who love nature, prefer an active form of relaxation. Jeep tour is a tourist off-road route that is passed on the four-wheel all-terrain vehicles.
Rate 9
days, nights
$ 133

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Off-Road Tour in Azerbaijan - 536 $

Active rest in Azerbaijan
Off-r oading is the activity of driving or riding a vehicle on unsurfaced roads or tracks, made of materials such as sand, gravel, riverbeds, mud, snow, rocks, and other natural terrain. Traveling on off-road terrains require vehicles capable of accommodating off-road driving such as All-terrain vehicle.
Rate 8
6 days, 5 nights
$ 536

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