Excursions in Azerbaijan: "Mud volcanoes of Azerbaijan"

Countries: Baku
Period from:
Duration: days, nights
Tour category: Individual Excursions
Price: 27 $

Tour from April till September
Azerbaijan is famous for its rich nature, and volcanoes are not exceptions either. About 300 of the 700 - 800 existing mud volcanoes in the world are concentrated in the territory of Azerbaijan, and they are most often found on the Absheron Peninsula. The sight is really worth wearing comfortable and discreet clothes, patience, and later enjoying the incredible view of a real natural miracle - mud volcanoes and a healing lake. Some volcanoes in this area reach up to 3000 meters in depth, and they exploded only about 50 years ago! Near the mud volcanoes you can see the ancient settlements of cave people who lived in the historical district of Gobustan. Many of the findings in the museum belong to the Neolithic period, and petroglyphs on the rocks of this open-air museum, leave an indelible impression about the life of an ancient man. The potency of the stone and the skillful cave paintings of hunting scenes and life on it, also their religious content, tell us about the intensive activities of settlers and the rich fauna of the Gobustan zone.

Beginning of the tour (time):
at any time from 09:00 to 15:00

Tour duration 4 hours

What's included
- Comfortable transport
- Guide services
- Tea ceremony

Price does not include:
- Entrance tickets to museums

Tour Price

1person148 $
2person  79 $
3person  61 $
4person  48 $
5person  40 $
6person  35 $
7person  35 $
8person  32 $
9person  29 $
10+person  27 $

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