Excursions in Azerbaijan: "History of Azerbaijan"

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Price: 25 $

The history of our country is one of the richest pages of the history and cultural heritage of the Caucasus. Over the long centuries, being under the influence of the largest empires, Azerbaijan rapidly developed and enriched the universal culture with works of world-wide art. If you want to explore the art and the way of life of Azerbaijan intelligence in the 19-20th century, you should go on a tour " History of Azerbaijan'. The tour begins with a visit to the home-museum of G.Z.Tagiyev, where you will know how the great maecenas of Azerbaijan, who did a lot for his country, lived and worked. Afterwards, we will go to the tea ceremony, so that you could taste all kinds of tea and traditional sweets. The tour ends with a walk to the cradle of Azerbaijani art - the Museum of Arts of Azerbaijan. Here you can trace the cultural history of the country from the Renaissance to present days. The tour is perfect for those who want to immerse themselves in the world of the Azerbaijan art and history.

Beginning of the tour (time):
at any time from 09:30 to 15:00

Tour duration 3 hours

What's included
- Comfortable transport
- Guide services
- Tea ceremony

Tour Price

1person143 $
2person  76 $
3person  58 $
4person  46 $
5person  38 $
6person  34 $
7person  33 $
8person  30 $
9person  27 $
10+person  25 $

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