The neon house: amazing surprise for art lovers

The neon house: amazing surprise for art lovers

13 DECEMBER 2015

Neon has come a long way since its discovery in the late 19th century to attract artists with its bright light and colors, and found its way into the art. The artistic uses for neon tubing became more apparent, and people continued to experiment with the fragile medium.
Neon art is painting based on the effect of the reflection of neon under ultraviolet light and thanks to the illusion of the glow and 3D effect the pictures become alive.
Farid Alakbarov, is one of the most important contemporary Azerbaijani artists and perceived as one of the most iconic neon artists. He has recently opened a new house museum with attractive title “Farhause.”
The unique neon museum located in Baku’s Novkhani village consists of two floors, decorated in neon style from facade to interior. The choice of the museum’s location is not accidental, as the artist has been in love with the sea in all its ever-changing moods since childhood and he believes the fresh air of the sea gives a completely different feeling, allowing one to breathe freely.
Literally all surfaces from floor to ceiling in the museum were covered with neon painting, glowing under ultraviolet light. In his works Farid seeks to create a unique pictorial world, and he uses combinations of normal and fluorescent colors which also "work" in the absence of light, creating an amazing effect of glow in the dark.

by A.Nazarli

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