Mehriban Efendi’s paintings to tour world

Mehriban Efendi’s paintings to tour world

21 JANUARY 2016

The paintings of Azerbaijan’s most popular artist-surrealist Mehriban Efendi will tour the world as part of a major Portuguese project "Surrealism Now", aimed at finding surrealists and promoting their works.
The world tour has started with the exhibition at the Cullis Wade Depot gallery in the U.S. state of Mississippi.
The project brings together 50 well-known surrealist painters from more than 30 countries including Azerbaijan, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Spain, the U.S., Italy and others.
Mehriban officially joined the project in 2010 and since that time, the talented artist achieved great successes conquering international art arena. Creating her paintings from the age of 5 to 6 years old, Mehriban did not imagine that the masterpieces she draw would be considered surrealism, which allowed Mehriban to express her “space dreams” on canvas.
Mehriban’s paintings has been included in the famous Italian "Byblos" studio’s latest catalogue, which will release in June and be presented in the top ten museums in the world.
Efendi took part in an international exhibition organized by Australian artist Paris Saint-Martin, becoming one of the top ten computer artists of 2003. The artist's piece was presented at an international exhibition in the Netherlands in 2009.
She is the winner of the prestigious Sandro Botticelli (named after the Italian painter of the Early Renaissance) award called “For art and talent” in 2014.

by A. Nazarli

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