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- A nation of tea drinkers
Tea is the most popular drink in Azerbaijan. Traditionally served in a pear shaped glass, the drink is often consumed through lumps of sugar or jam, held in the mouth.
- Rich in oil
The Nobel family of Norway, who created the much lauded Nobel prizes, acquired much of its wealth from Azerbaijan's oil industry in the 19th century.

The capital of Azerbaijan

Go around the capital of Azerbaijan and one of the oldest and biggest cities of the east. The first settlements in Baku date back to the second millennium B.C. and first mentioned in Arab manuscripts as a city sometime during the 8th century. Visit the old town of Icheri Sheher or "Inner City" with its defensive walls and the Maiden Tower

"Yalli" - State ensembles Dance of Azerbaijan

"Yalli" - State ensembles Dance of Azerbaijan
Yalli is traditionally played during wedding on the zurna, supported by a davul, but in the recent years, electronic instruments have started to replace them. Typically, Halay dancers form a circle or a line, while holding each other with the little finger or shoulder to shoulder or even hand to hand with the last and first player holding a piece of cloth. It is a national dance in Azerbaijan

Baku, Azerbaijan

Baku - the capital of Azerbaijan, the largest city in the Caucasus and one of the most beautiful cities in the world is compared with Naples, San Francisco and other big cities of the world. The city is situated on the southern coast of the Absheron Peninsula and is the largest port in the Caucasus.
According to one version, the name Baku comes from the Persian language "Badkube" - "wind blow", probably because of strong winds, hence "Baku - the city of winds", according to another version, Baku means - a city on the hill.

The Petroglyph Museum in Gobustan

Gobustan, in translation, means "ravine land". The spurs of the Great Caucasus Range descend to the sea here along the river Djeiran-kechmez (in translation-"where the djeiran (saiga deer) will not pass"). The soft clay soil led to the formation of numerous ravines. The local rock surface has the following remarkable qualities: it lends itself to carving, while at the same time being extraordinarily weather-resistant. These factors were to play a role in primitive man's choice of this site for his open-air "picture gallery".

Azerbaijan pays des peintures magiques

Azerbaijan is a surprising country indeed. Everything there is unique - the nature, the culture, the history, the customs and traditions, the architecture and many other things. Its other name is "the country of fires" (from "azer" - fire). Even B.C. there lived tribes of fire worshippers. Since those times the most ancient evidence - rock drawings, statues of gods, ancient temples have survived on the territory of Azerbaijan. Besides, the country has been known for its burning hearths - ateshgahs (temples of fire).

Azerbaijan a Land of Magic Colors

One of the world's most ancient nations - the nation of Azerbaijan - has the right to feel proud for its history, material and cultural monuments, literature, arts and music heritage.

Azerbaijan a Land of Flames

Azerbaijan is a geographical name. On the one hand this name is linked with the population, which lived in this region for thousand of years before our era, and who were mostly fire-worshippers. Local population considered that fire was their God and so they worshipped the fire. Azerbaijan has always been famous for its sources of eternal fires - the atashgehs.

About Azerbaijan (part 2)

Azerbaijan is characterized by a diversed landscape. There are two major forms of landscape-plains and mountains. Mountains cover 60% of the total area of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The principle geomorphologic structures of Republic of Azerbaijan – Major Caucasus, Minor Caucasus (with Garabagh plateau) and Talysh mountains surround the Kur - Araz lowland in the north, west and south-east.

About Azerbaijan (part 1)

Azerbaijan has a great potential for developing the tourism industry - ancient cities, palaces, fortresses, mausoleums, mosques. Visiting the country takes creativity and imagination, as the tourist industry is at best ‘nascent’. Although there are plenty of rural ‘rest-zones’ for holidaying city folk, they cater mainly for locals who want to unwind with hefty feasts and family chats, so rarely provide any activities.

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