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Interesting facts about Azerbaijan!

- A nation of tea drinkers
Tea is the most popular drink in Azerbaijan. Traditionally served in a pear shaped glass, the drink is often consumed through lumps of sugar or jam, held in the mouth.

- Rich in oil
The Nobel family of Norway, who created the much lauded Nobel prizes, acquired much of its wealth from Azerbaijan's oil industry in the 19th century.

- The Burning Mountain
The Burning Mountain is a rare natural wonder in the Absheron peninsula. It burns all year round due to natural gas escaping from the ground.

- Checkmate!
Garry Kasparov, a former world chess champion, was born in Azerbaijan's capital, Baku, and attended chess school there. Also hailing from Azerbaijan is the youngest International Grand Master ever; 14-year-old Teymur Rajabov.

10. Celebrating Novruz
In the oldest national holiday of Azerbaijan, Novruz, children leave bags or small caps outside the front door of houses. They knock on the door and hide and, upon return, their bags have been filled with Novruz gifts by the home owner.

As part of Novruz unmarried girls also throw black coins, which are a symbol of bad luck, into a water-filled jug during the da time in order to find their perfect match. In the evening, before sunset, they pour this water with the coins outside.

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