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About Azerbaijan (part 2)

Azerbaijan is characterized by a diversed landscape. There are two major forms of landscape-plains and mountains. Mountains cover 60% of the total area of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The principle geomorphologic structures of Republic of Azerbaijan – Major Caucasus, Minor Caucasus (with Garabagh plateau) and Talysh mountains surround the Kur - Araz lowland in the north, west and south-east. The Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic is situated in the mid course of the River Araz and within the boundaries of Zengezur and Dereleyez chains of mountains, fringing with the river. Like landscape the climate conditions are also very different. Such diversity is explained by fact that Azerbaijan is in the intersection area of the temperate and subtropical climate zones. The country is rich in three types of mineral products that are metallic, non-metallic and combustible mineral products. Azerbaijan is famous for its oil and gas deposits. 2/3 of the Republic is rich in oil and gas.

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