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About Azerbaijan (part 1)

Azerbaijan has a great potential for developing the tourism industry - ancient cities, palaces, fortresses, mausoleums, mosques. Visiting the country takes creativity and imagination, as the tourist industry is at best ‘nascent’. Although there are plenty of rural ‘rest-zones’ for holidaying city folk, they cater mainly for locals who want to unwind with hefty feasts and family chats, so rarely provide any activities. Very few people outside Baku speak English, but the challenge is a great part of the appeal. So where to, then? Southern Azerbaijan is one of the country's more pleasant regions, both along the coast and inland: Lәnkәran is a quaint seaside town famed for its flowers, while Masalli & around makes a good entry point for exploring the Talyshmountains. Northern Azerbaijan is where you'll find the Caucasus Mountains and the incredible village of Xinaliq, with its jaw-dropping views and traditional mountain culture. And for something completely different (in a country full of completely different travel experiences!), there's always the remote and intriguing enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh.

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